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Nucleon(Xinxiang)Crane Co., Ltd., is an influential enterprise which integrating the R&D, manufacture, installation, sales and service of light duty lifting equipment, MA series lifting equipment, Bridge cranes, Gantry crane and other material handling equipments.
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    The machining of each part must be carried out in accordance with very strict standards. The finished product needs to pass more than 100 inspection procedures in order to be shipped.

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    Recognition of our products by customers from more than 100 countries

20 Ton Double Girder Eot Crane
The double beam bridge crane is an important tool and equipment for realizing the mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and hoisting transportation.
40 Ton RTG Crane
This 40 ton rtg cranes are boom-type rotary cranes that use a tire-type chassis to walk. The container gantry crane is a kind of full-rotary crane that installs the crane structure on a special chassis composed of heavy-duty tires and axles.