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NR Wire Rope Electric Hoists

NRL (Low-Headroom Monorail Hoist)
NRS (Standard-Headroom Monorail Hoist)
NRT (Double-Rail Trolley or Crab)
NRF (Foot-Mounted Hoist)
Applications:Foundry, metallurgy, hydropower, aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, coal, petrochemical and other industries

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Description of NR Wire Rope Electric Hoists

NR electric rope hoist is a result of years of research and development and global market experience by Weihua. It is a new generation electric hoist designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO, GB, FEM, DIN and BS standards, create the greatest value for the users with its excellent durability, high quality and cost-effective. It has four structural design for users to choose. Hoisting capacity ranges from 1 ton to 80 ton. Standard work duty FEM 2M / ISO M5.

Features of NR Wire Rope Electric Hoists

NR Wire Rope Electric Hoist has four structural designs for users to choose from:

Model NRL (Low-Headroom Monorail Hoist) Capacity: 3 ton, 5 ton, 10t

Model NRS (Standard-Headroom Monorail Hoist) Capacity: 3 ~ 80 ton

Model NRT (Double-Rail Trolley or Crab)

Model NRF (Foot-Mounted Hoist)

The third generation Anti-Swing Control System

The electronic anti-sway control technology can reduce the mechanical and electrical damage caused by load shaking through controlling the sloshing of the load. The crane becomes easy to control, and the loads can be easily and accurately reached the designated position.

1. Function upgrade. It can replace PLC to realize logic control and electric anti-swing function.

2. High matching. It has no restriction on inverter brand.

3. Cost Advantage. Saving communication cards and lines.

 Integrated controller

1. Fault Information Display

2. Voltage and Current Protection

3. Overload protection function

4. Travelling record Function

5. Real-time monitoring function

6. Anti-swing function

7. Anti skewed and inclined lifting

8. Big Data Communication

 Frequency converter

1. For crane use only. It owns the features as follows: small volume, small power and high cost performance.

2. High support performance. It can support open-loop vector control and V/F control, the starting torque is large.

3. Special Control Function. Equipped with special brake control function of crane driving system.

4. Wide range of applications. It can be widely used in driving and controlling occasions such as the lifting, translation and rotation of lifting equipment.

Modular design concept

NR Electric Hoist with modular structure can fully meet your requirements which owns unprecedented flexibility and can provide you with perfect solutions for personalized needs.

Motor, reducer, wheel group, drum group are all module designed with strong versatility of spare parts.

AI & remote controlled operation and maintenance

A new generation of security monitoring system

1. More accurate recording of system information: timing and counting can be accurate to seconds, and real-time queries can also be realized.

2. Black Box Function which can record the malfunctions and operations.

3. More comprehensive monitoring: it can monitor peripheral equipment and power supply situation.

4. Multi-channel monitoring signal access: crane condition, fault category diagnosis.

5. Instant Messaging Function which owns the features as follows: convenient networking and remote information transmission.

6. More comprehensive output such as: operation output, fault output, timely alarming.

7. Operating Interface: Both in Chinese-English Language, Real-time Clock.

 Intelligent safety monitoring system has the advantage as follows

1. Calculating the remaining safety cycle of lifting mechanism.

2. Brake safety operation times.

3. Accumulated starts times of hoisting and travelling.

4. Records the load tonnage.

5. Overload protection, prohibit users from illegal overloading operations.

6. Real-time monitoring of crane's operating Power Supply.

7. Motor overheat protection.

8. Extensible wireless access point, it can access to user's big data center monitoring management, so as to realize remote operation and maintenance.

Low headroom and compact design concept

All NR series Electric Hoist are equipped with large diameter drum, which can effectively increase the lifting height and reduce the left and right limits. Crane's dead zone when working becomes smaller, which can provide larger using space for the customers and reduce plant construction cost.

Maintenance-free, energy-saving and environment friendly

1. The motor power is reduced by 30% compared with the traditional Electric Hoist

2. Through the mature application of Variable frequency positioning technology, the work efficiency is improved by more than 20%

3. The noise of the whole machine is below 70 decibels

4. The brake pads adopt non-asbestos design

5. No metal dust caused by the slide friction between the Nylon Rope Guideand Steel Wire Rope, drum, providing workers with high cleanness operation environment

6. The high-precision hard gear reducer has been filled with international brand lubricants before delivery from factory , and there is no need to replace it within the service cycle of the product

7. Adopt international brand and maintenance-free steel wire rope

8. High-strength Nylon rope guides, change from wearing parts to durable parts

9. International brand electrical components, bearings, and pendent controller

10. Electromagnetic disk brake with automatic compensation of brake clearance and maintenance-free function

Durability and safety design

1. The whole machine passed the national standard life test (1600 hours

2. The service life of electrical components is not less than 500,000 times 

3. The safe use of brake reaching 1 million times

4. The breaking force of the wire rope reaching grade 2160

5. The hook adopts high-strength T-class hook head

6. 10 years free maintenance of speed reducer

Technical Data of NR Wire Rope Electric Hoists

wire rope electric hoist technical data

wire rope electric hoist  techincal data

Production capacity:

Nucleon co. covers an area of 450,000㎡and has more than 3,000 sets of production equipment and testing equipment. Nucleon has an experienced R&D team, production team, after-sales service team and logistics supply team, with a total of about 1,500 people, which guarantees timely delivery of various orders.

Production equipment:

The workers must first sharpen their tools in order to do their best. Nucleon workshops are equipped with world-class production equipment, ensuring that every workpiece produced is of first-class quality.

Strict quality control:

Nucleon co. has a very strict quality management system, from raw material procurement, to every detail of production, to the acceptance of finished products, will be executed according to strict standards.

Adequate supply:

Nucleon has sufficient raw materials, abundant accessories, and a large semi-finished and finished product warehouse to meet various urgent orders.

After-sales service:

Perfect after-sales service team, including: technical consultation, equipment installation, logistics support, order settlement, Solution customization etc.

Internationally recognized:

Nucleon® crane have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions and have been highly recognized by customers. In the future, Nucleon® crane will serve more customers all over the world.

Certifications and Honors:

Nucleon has obtained more than 100 production qualifications in China, more than 200 domestic and international honors, CE, IOS related certification and a number of technical patents.

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