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160 Ton Metallurgical Overhead Crane

2018-06-20 17:03:21 Author:NUCLEON

Product:160 Ton Metallurgical Overhead Crane

Application site:Vietnam

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A7

Lifting capacity:160/75 ton

Span:25 m

Lifting height:7.5 m

160ton overhead crane

This 160 ton metallurgical overhead cranes are mainly used for special cranes for metal smelting, rolling and thermal processing. Including open-furnace feeding bridge cranes, floor loading cranes, box cranes, depillar cranes, mold cranes, uncover cranes, clamp cranes, slab turning cranes, forging cranes, heating furnace loading and unloading cranes, material boxes - Electromagnetic cranes, bins - grab cranes.

In addition, the altitude at which the 160ton overhead crane is installed and used shall not exceed 2000m (the motor capacity shall be checked in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB 755 when exceeding 1000m). The working environment temperature of the eot crane is generally -10~+50°C and the relative humidity is no more than +40°C and can not exceed 50%.