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15 Ton Gantry Crane in Philippines

2018-06-26 11:08:52 Author:NUCLEON

Product:15 Ton Gantry Crane in Philippines

Application site:Philippines

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A3

Lifting capacity:15ton


Lifting height:7.5

15ton nucleon gantry crane

The 15 ton Nucleon gantry crane has the advantages of high utilization rate, wide operating range, wide adaptability and versatility. It is widely used in the port freight yard. They also perform tasks such as lifting automobile engines out of the vehicles. It can be in the form of door frame structure. 

Plenty of heavy metal industries have these overhead cranes, but are economically high and doesn't feature on-track run. As a result, the best alternate options for such bridge cranes are the gantry cranes, which run on a track on the floor or ground level. This gantry crane in Philippines is slightly different from a bridge crane. The general premise is the same, but the operation is different. Gantry cranes have a bridge that is supported by two a-frame rigid steel legs that rest on the floor. The legs are commonly equipped with casters so crane can be moved to different parts of a building.