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5 Ton Pillar Jib Crane in Dubai

2018-06-05 13:36:40 Author:NUCLEON

Product: 5 Ton Pillar Jib Crane in Dubai

Application site:Dubai

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A3

Lifting capacity:5 ton

Lifting height:11.5 m

5ton jib crane

The pillar jib crane can help you reduce production preparation and non-productive work hours and reduce unnecessary waiting. Our company has a large range of specifications and a wide variety of boom cranes. Regardless of your requirements for lifting weight, rotation angle, arm length and function, we can provide you with the best solution, even with double arms. Telescopic arms such as telescopic arms.

The 5 ton jib crane is a small and medium-sized lifting equipment developed in recent years. Its unique structure, safe and reliable, with high efficiency, energy saving, time-saving, labor-saving, flexible features. And can operate freely in three-dimensional space, especially in the short-distance, dense lifting occasions can show unique advantages over other conventional lifting equipment.