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100 Ton Rubber-tyre Container Gantry Crane in Australia

2018-06-05 13:47:24 Author:NUCLEON

Product: 100 Ton Rubber-tyre Container Gantry Crane in Australia

Application site:Australia

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A5

Lifting capacity:100/25 ton

Span: 15m

Lifting height:8.5/6 m

100ton rtg crane in australia

Rubber-tired container gantry cranes (commonly referred to as field bridges) are specialized machinery for large-scale specialized container yards, handling standard containers. It applies not only to the yard of a container terminal, but also to container depots.

Safety facilities of this 100 ton rtg crane include over-load protection, over-speed protection of the diesel engine, overheated water temperature and low oil pressure signal devices, wind speed indicator, anti-typhoon anchoring device, emergency stop button, and limit switches and signal indications of various institutions.