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50 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

2018-06-06 11:11:19 Author:NUCLEON

Product:50 Ton Double Girder Overhead Crane

Application site:Malaysia

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A5

Lifting capacity:50/20ton


Lifting height:10/8 m

50ton double girder crane

This 50 ton Electric double-girder crane is a universal bridge crane. The crane relies on the longitudinal movement in the direction of the supporting rails along the road beam of the factory, the lateral movement of the trolley and the lifting and lowering of the hook to achieve the work flow. The common lifting capacity is 5-50t. Level A5-A7 level. Manipulation methods include ground control, control room control, and remote control.

A5 level is suitable for general mechanical processing and assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, mechanical maintenance workshops, etc. where the work is not very heavy; Grades A6 and A7 are suitable for occasions where the work is more frequent or continuous or continuous, and they can also be used as shoplifts for metallurgical and foundry workshops. The ambient temperature is -20-40°C and the relative humidity is ≤85%.