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50 Ton Underhung Bridge Crane in Saudi Arabia

2018-05-24 17:27:17 Author:NUCLEON

Product:50 Ton Underhung Bridge Crane in Saudi Arabia

Application site:Saudi Arabia

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A6

Lifting capacity:50/10ton


Lifting height:16

50ton double girder bridge crane

Bridge cranes generally consist of three parts: mechanical, electrical, and metal structures. The outer image of the bridge crane is a single-span flat bridge with two ends supported on two parallel overhead rails for translational operation.

Mechanical part is divided into three organizations: hoisting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and cart running mechanism. The hoisting mechanism is used to vertically lift items, the trolley running mechanism is used to carry the load to move laterally, and the trolley operating mechanism is used to move the lifting carts and items vertically to achieve the three-dimensional space for carrying and loading and unloading goods. Metal structure part consists of a bridge and a small frame. Electrical part consists of electrical equipment and electrical wiring.