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How to Use and Maintain 10 Ton Electric Hoist?

2018-09-14 15:47:55 Author:NUCLEON

Use and maintain the 10 ton wire rope electric hoist correctly, which can avoid the accident and also can prolong the lifr time of your wire rope electric hosit. And do you know how to use and maintain your 10 ton electric hoist? If you do not know, please do not worry about it. Because today nucleon crane's engineer will talk about it. You need to do as the following:

1. Standards for steel wire rope scrapping: Inspection and scrapping standards for steel wire ropes are to be carried out in accordance with CB/T 5972-1986 "Practical Codes for Inspection and Disposal of Wire Ropes for Hoisting Machinery".

2. The electric hoists for sale must keep enough lubricant in use, and keep the lubricant clean, and should not contain impurities and dirt.

3. Hard oil brush or wood piece should be used when oiling steel wire rope. It is forbidden to directly oil the working steel wire rope by hand.

4. When the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to suspend heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of the parts.

10ton electric hoist

5. During installation, commissioning and maintenance, the limit device must be strictly checked whether it is flexible and reliable. When the hook is raised to the upper limit position, the distance from the shell of the hook to the drum shell must be greater than 50mm (10t, 16t, 20t must be greater than 120mm). When the hook is lowered to the lower limit position, the safety wire rope should be secured on the drum. The effective safety ring must be more than 2 turns.

6. It is not permissible to simultaneously press two flashlight door push buttons that move the electric hoist in the opposite direction.

7. After the work is completed, the main gate of the power supply must be pulled open to cut off the power.

8. The 10 ton electric hoist should be operated by special persons. The operator should fully grasp the safety operation regulations and strictly prohibit lifting and tilting.

9. The 10 ton electric hoist must be inspected regularly by special personnel during use, and measures should be taken in case of failure and carefully recorded.

10. When adjusting the braking rate of the electric hoist, it should be ensured that under the rated load, the braking slip amount S ≤ V/100 (V is the distance for a steady lifting of the load in the next minute).

11. In use, it is absolutely forbidden to use in an environment that is not allowed, and when the rated load and the number of rated closings per hour (120 times) are exceeded.