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What Need to do Before Operating Electric Hoist?

2018-10-29 15:38:19 Author:NUCLEON

The electric hoist is abbreviated as a hoist and is a light and small lifting equipment. Most electric hoists are maneuvered on the ground by buttons used by people, or they can be operated in the driver's cabin or wired (wireless) remote control. Because of wide appliation, there are more and more hoist crane in our surround. And do you know what need to do before running the electric hosit?

Items that need to do before running electric hoist:

a. Obstacles should be within the walking range of the operator and on the route through which heavy objects pass.

b. The manual control button shall be accurate and sensitive in the up, down, left and right directions, and the motor and reducer shall have no abnormal sound.

3ton electric hoist

c. Brakes should be sensitive and reliable.

d. There should be no foreign objects on the electric hoist running track.

e. The upper and lower limiter actions should be accurate.

f. The hook stop nut should be tightened.

g. The hook of wire rope electric hoist should be flexible in both horizontal and vertical directions.

h. The hook pulley should be flexible.

i. The wire rope should have no obvious defects and be arranged neatly on the reel. There should be no signs of disengagement of the pulley groove and good lubrication.

j. There is no abnormality in lifting aids.

k. electric hoist working environment temperature is -25 ~ +40 °C

l. The electric hoist is not suitable for places full of corrosive gas or relative humidity of more than 85%. It cannot replace the explosion-proof gourd. It is not suitable for lifting molten metal or toxic, flammable and explosive materials.