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Rotary Device and Shortened Rocking Device of RMG Cranes

2018-09-12 10:14:07 Author:NUCLEON

Relative to quayside container cranes and rubber tyred container gantry cranes, the tilting and anti-rolling devices for rail-mounted container gantry cranes are relatively simple. Generally only plane rotation, not equipped with anti-roll device, and some to improve production efficiency. Relieve the labor intensity of workers and set up a device for anti-rolling.

(1) Rotary device. The top surfaces of the container containers and container trucks in the yard, storage yard and container truck are relatively flat, so the spreader is not required to have trim and roll motions; however, container trucks may be deflected when they are parked, so they need to be set. Plane rotary device.

For rope hoisting mechanism, the plane slewing mechanism can be composed of steel wire ropes, pulley blocks, steel wire rope joints and hinge points, rocker arms and bearings, and push rods. Push rods have two types of screw and cylinder. When the cylinder is used as a push rod, a hydraulic control system is also provided.

double girder gantry crane

For a rigid telescopic hoisting mechanism, the spreader can perform a certain degree of float (no power required) in the longitudinal and transverse directions, in addition to the plane rotation of the power, so as to adapt to the inclination of the upper plane of the container.

Plane rotation can be achieved by pushing on both sides of the cylinder.

(2) The anti-roll device. For rail-mounted container gantry cranes, if there is a need for a rocker, two methods are generally used.

1. When the hoisting mechanism is a rope reel type, the anti-rolling device is pulled through two diagonal diagonal wires and one end is connected with the corner of the spreader and the other. The end is wound to the damping drum. When the trolley or cart starts or brakes, the inertia force of the spreader and the container is transmitted to the damping steel rope, and the swing energy is absorbed by the damping drum. Damping drum damping force generally uses two ways: torque motor, friction reel combination system and hydraulic damping system.

2. Rigid anti-roll device. The rigid anti-rolling device is mainly realized by a rigid lifting frame and guide device