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Main Driving Method of 45 Ton RMG Crane

2018-09-12 10:04:31 Author:NUCLEON

In addition to the special selection of lifting mechanism for 45 ton rail mounted container gantry cranes, the trolley running mechanism and cart operating mechanism are basically the same as other bridge-type and portal type crane mechanisms. And the main driving methods of 45 ton rmg crane are as the following.

(1) Lifting mechanism. The hoisting mechanism this 45 ton gantry crane has two forms. The hoisting mechanism of the steel wire rope drum type and the tire type container gantry crane is basically the same; and the rigid telescopic hoisting mechanism is similar to the hoisting mechanism of the metallurgical clamp bridge crane.

1. Rope hoist type lifting mechanism consists of DC or AC motors, gear couplings, disc or block brakes, gear reducers with medium hard tooth surfaces, gear couplings between gear units and reels, double reels And bearing seat composition. A group of roping system is composed of lifting ropes, pulleys and spreader pulley blocks.

45ton rmg crane

2. The rigid telescopic hoisting mechanism can be composed of a steel wire rope drum lifting mechanism, a hydraulic cylinder lifting mechanism, a balance weight gear rack lifting mechanism and a telescopic guide steel structure frame. The wire rope hoisting mechanism has a simple structure and its basic composition is similar to that of other hoisting mechanisms. Since the steel structure has a certain rigidity, the lifting mechanism can also be divided into two groups, which is advantageous for arrangement. The hydraulic cylinder lifting mechanism has a balance of work and a simple structure, but requires a high maintenance.

(2) The trolley running agency. The trolley running mechanism of this 45 ton gantry crane consists of DC or AC motors, gear couplings, block or disc brakes, hardened gear reducers, low speed gear couplings and wheels and wheel supports. The arrangement of the driving mechanism is generally divided into two ways: arranged in the direction of the trolley track and arranged perpendicular to the direction of the trolley track. The number of drive wheels is determined based on the condition of the drive without slipping. Modern design basically uses full drive.

(3) Large vehicle operating agencies. The vehicle operating mechanism usually adopts a three- or four-wheeled trolley, which is determined according to the size of the wheel pressure. The structure and form of the operating mechanism is similar to that of other types of goliath cranes, such as the use of open gear-driven trolleys, from DC or AC motors, gear couplings, brakes, hardened gear reducers, open gears, wheels and wheels Supporting components; if a closed drive is used, the output shaft of the reducer is directly connected with the wheel shaft and directly driven, but the gear ratio of the reducer will be slightly larger.

Due to the fast running speed of the cart, in order to prevent the wheels from slipping when the brakes are applied, the thyristor DC voltage regulation speed control, AC frequency conversion speed regulation, AC stator speed regulation and other electrical control systems with good speed control performance are generally used.