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Do You Want to Know Development Trend of RMG Container Cranes?

2018-09-11 10:26:29 Author:NUCLEON

In order to improve the efficiency of yard operations, rail-mounted container gantry cranes tend to be large-scaled and automated, and the development of a containerized bridge crane with high-speed walking on an elevated structure track composed of reinforced concrete columns and rail beams is being developed.

(1) Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane:

Orbital container gantry cranes have been put into production in major container hub ports in the world. In addition to the need to add rails to container yards, the height of the stack, the accuracy of the stack box positioning, the anti-rolling performance, and the stress status of the steel structure Both are better than tire container gantry cranes.

Due to the orbital type, it is possible to bear a greater load by increasing the number of wheels. As a result, the span of the rail container gantry crane increases. Due to the power supply cable, the power output is stable. With the electronic anti-rolling system, some foreign large-scale professional companies are developing fully automatic unmanned container anti-rolling positioning systems with positioning feedback devices to improve the operating efficiency.

RMG container crane

(2) Container Bridge Cranes:

Containerized bridge cranes have been developed and used abroad in recent years. Its basic form is like a bridge crane, and the height of lifting and the height of a cement elevated gallery are determined according to the height of the container yard and the height of the stack box.

Containerized bridge cranes use deviated box girder structures. In order to facilitate the installation of electrical system devices, one of the beams has a large cross-section, with the exception of the electrical cabinet. You also need to leave a walkway. Running a car is basically the same as running other cars. The operating mechanism of the cart is characterized by a high operating speed and greatly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading containers.

Containerized bridge cranes use a fully automatic electronic anti-rolling and positioning control system. Due to the high running speed of the cart, special considerations have been given to the problem of derailment in the direction of movement of the cart. The power supply uses two types of trolley wire and cable reel.