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How Does Anti-swing Gantry Crane Reduce Material Swing?

2018-06-11 14:44:39 Author:NUCLEON

As the scale of industrial production continues to expand, production efficiency is increasing, and the proportion of material handling and handling expenses in the production process has gradually increased, which has led to a continuous increase in demand for large-tonnage gantry cranes. Under the requirements of heavy lifting, high working grade system requirements, and high working speed, the significant swing of the work crane has increased the work cycle time, unable to meet the user's need for frequent, high-paced production, and increased operating costs. So the anti-swing crane comes. However, do you know how this anti-swing gantry crane reduce the material swing?

anti-swing gantry crane

When the material is in the walking process, due to the wrong operation of the moving direction, the rapid change of the moving direction, the sudden start or stop of the double girder crane, and the acceleration or deceleration during the operation, the large swing of the lifting spreader can be caused. To a great extent, the working efficiency of the anti-swing gantry crane is reduced. For the lifting equipment and the frequently loaded and unloaded handling industries, it is imperative to reduce the swing time of the spreader and improve the work efficiency. The Nucleon European crane with anti-sway function can solve this problem. 

In addition, the Nucleon European Crane's running and running frequency conversion technology can realize the micro-speed function, and the micro-speed function can more accurately realize the load control, transforming the big action of the joystick into a slow and accurate load movement. This intelligent function helps the operator to control the load more precisely and improve the safety of the operation.