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Can Anti-swing System Improve Work Efficiency of 5 Ton Crane?

2018-06-11 14:31:07 Author:NUCLEON

Anti-swing control of 5 ton crane utilizes the pendulum principle to continuously limit the swing by modifying the speed command signal sent to the electrical control system. The angle of swing is calculated by checking the lifting height of the hook, and then the swing angle is cancelled by the given acceleration and deceleration. When the object reaches the set speed or stop swinging is very small or basically no swing. And this technology can improve working efficiency of 5ton single girder crane?

The objects suspended by the industrial crane will oscillate with the car (or cart), and only very experienced operators will be able to control to almost no swing stop without a crane anti-sway system. Since there is no need to wait for the material to stop swaying and can be accurately positioned, the anti-sway system of industrial cranes can significantly increase work efficiency.

single girder crane

When an industrial crane completes the lifting of large molds or other large and heavy cargoes, it is required to realize the function of jogging in order to transport the materials to the exact location. The nucleon European crane with anti-sway function can accurately implement this function. Jog, also known as jog, provides a way to approach the load destination with high accuracy. 

In addition, this kind of single girder crane can be applied to both lifting and horizontal operations. The "jog range" can be preset in the range of 2 to 100 mm. The anti-sway system is installed, the system has precise jogging function, can accurately transport the material to the exact position, when the load placement position is very precise, use this function to improve productivity and safety.