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Anti-swing Technology Features of Single Girder European Design Crane

2018-06-11 14:17:30 Author:NUCLEON

Anti-swing control system of single girder crane can reduce the swing of the 5 ton crane load by more than 90%, greatly improving the european design crane's production efficiency in the material handling industry, improving the safety of the crane in use, effectively reducing the risk of damage to the cargo and the risk of injury to personnel. 

It fully promoted the technical progress of China's large-tonnage European cranes in anti-swaying, led the development trend and direction of anti-sway technology, and once again consolidated the leading position of Nucleon crane Co., Ltd. in the European crane market. And the anti-swing technology feature are as the following.

5ton single girder european crane

Anti-swing technology features of single girder european design crane:

1. The anti-roll function can prevent the crane from swinging due to the inertial impact of the load of the big and small cars.

2. Anti-shake function can achieve anti-shake within the full range of height.

3. Anti-rolling function Independently set a knob of the load height. Different heights can be selected according to the height of the load. The rope factory that can control the load more accurately can control the swing angle more accurately.

4, anti-shake function can control the swing angle of 0.25 degrees.

5. Anti-shake function An independent switch is set on the operator for activating this function.

6, anti-shake function allows the operator to manually adjust the angle of control swing, can improve the stability and accuracy of the entire handling process.