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Practical Significance of European Design Crane Anti-shake Technology

2018-06-11 11:21:09 Author:NUCLEON

As the importance of industrial cranes in the material handling industry continues to increase, more and more industrial cranes are being used in production plants. The degree of controlled swinging of the hooks during crane operation directly affects the safety of industrial cranes. Productivity. The traditional industrial cranes in the past have no automatic anti-swaying function. They rely on the operation of the operator to control the swing angle of the swing and cannot satisfy the user's demand for efficient production and safety.

Movement errors in the direction of movement, rapid changes in the direction of movement, sudden start or stop of the 10 ton european design crane, and acceleration or deceleration during operation can cause swinging of the lifting spreader, which greatly reduces the working efficiency of the crane. Lifting equipment and the frequent loading and unloading of the transport industry, reducing the spreader swing time, improve work efficiency has no delay. 

10 ton european design crane

In addition, the swinging of heavy objects will cause great safety hazards to the operator, the work site, and the crane itself. Therefore, research on an anti-swing system for industrial cranes, achieving stable operation and smooth operation has become a hot issue for crane manufacturers and research institutions. A good anti-sway system can provide a good anti-sway effect, which can increase labor productivity and eliminate potential safety hazards in the production process.

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