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Have Your Electric Hoist Crane Installed Height Limiter?

2018-06-12 15:19:56 Author:NUCLEON

The height limiter is an essential safety device for a electric hoist crane and is used to limit the ascent height of the picking device. When the spreader of the overhead crane rises to the upper limit position, the limiter will automatically cut off the power to prevent the lifting device such as the hook from continuing to rise, causing the crane to hit the ceiling. After the wire rope shrinks completely, the electric hoist or winch will continue to work and pull. Broken rope, causing a heavy object drop accident.

The height limiter can effectively protect the crane hoisting mechanism from excessive pulling. Therefore, the bridge crane should be installed with a height limiter. Therefore, it is important to install the height limiter for your electric hoist crane.

electric hoist crane

The height limiter device of overhead hoist crane combines the stroke switch with the convex-concave pull strip structure. The structure is simple and the movement is sensitive. It effectively suppresses the occurrence of a heavy falling accident and ensures the safe production of the crane working site. After several years of use, the effect is remarkable. 

Structure and installation: The limit switch is bolted into a semi-closed protective box made of sheet steel. The bottom of the protective box is welded with two slideway seats. The convex and concave pull rods can be moved along the slideway inside the slideway seats. A small hole is drilled at one end of the convex and concave brace for fixing a small wire rope or a nylon rope. Fine wire ropes are used to set the limit height.