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Which Factor May Influence Efficiency of Overhead Bridge Crane?

2018-06-05 11:01:05 Author:NUCLEON

The operation is the basic work of the overhead bridge crane driver. The operation of 10 ton bridge crane is reasonable or not, which has an important influence on the production efficiency and the life of the safety production equipment. Therefore, the driver should use different methods depending on the specific conditions of the suspended object. The hoisting mechanism operated by the cam controller is taken as an example: When the first stage is raised, the vehicle can only be lifted by a light vehicle, and the second group is jogged by a small distance. Under normal circumstances, the control should be changed gradually from this level to the fifth level. The conversion time for each group is 1 to 2 seconds.

10ton bridge crane

The rated load of the 10 ton bridge crane will not lift the controller when it rises to the first level, so it is necessary to rapidly pull the controller from the zero position to the second stage, and then accelerate it step by step. If the controller reaches the second stage, the motor can not start it means overload or crane failure, this time can not be lifted, the fastest in the first stage down, the last stage is the slowest, so can not be in the One-stop, but should quickly pull the controller to the last drop (except for jog). When parking, you should also quickly return to zero.

In the general case, the above principles should be followed, and flexible applications in special circumstances. The above means that when the power supply voltage of overhead bridge crane is the rated voltage, when the power supply voltage is lower than the rated voltage, an object that can be lifted when the voltage is normal can not be lifted, or the lifting speed can be significantly reduced (decreased). Therefore, the crane should consider the factors of voltage change during operation, and also pay attention to the frequency of the power supply.

In short, whether it is a cart, a trolley, or a hoisting mechanism, etc., reasonable operation should be performed according to the mechanical characteristics of the crane.