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Operating Mechanism of Overhead Travelling Crane

2018-06-05 10:54:10 Author:NUCLEON

The electric hoist bridge crane is composed of four major components: bridge, electric hoist trolley (with lifting mechanism and operating mechanism), crane operating mechanism, and electrical equipment. The hoisting mechanism, hoisting trolley running mechanism and crane running are the three working mechanisms of the crane. Each mechanism is equipped with a separate electric motor and carries out its own drive. However, do you know the operating mechanism of overhead travelling crane?

Operating mechanism of overhead travelling crane:


Electric hoist bridge crane operating mechanism adopts separate driving mode (four-wheel structure), which is driven by two driving wheels connected with two symmetrical and independent driving devices to drive the driving. The driving device is composed of electric motor (including brake) and reducer. The gears are used to connect the components. All the rotating mechanisms use rolling bearings.

Electric hoist bridge crane operating mechanism uses solid rotor motor YSE, the motor has a soft start function, and comes with a brake. Its rated voltage is ~380V, 50HZ.

The reducer used in the operating mechanism of the electric hoist bridge crane is a cylindrical gear reducer. The wheel assembly is in the form of a two-corner type bearing box supporting the wheel shaft. The output shaft of the reducer transmits power to the wheel shaft to drive the rotation of the wheel. The structure is conducive to assembly and disassembly adjustment and maintenance.