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Transmission Modes Of Eot Crane Trolley Transfer Mechanism

2018-05-31 11:17:29 Author:NUCLEON

Nucleon crane engineer has introduced the bridge of eot crane before, and today we will mainly talk about the transmission modes of the eot crane's trolley transfer mechanism.

Trolley transfer agency of bridge crane:

The trolley is placed on the guide rail of the bridge and can move along the width of the workshop. The trolley is mainly made of welded steel plates and consists of a small frame, a trolley transfer mechanism and a lifting mechanism.

25ton eot crane

The trolley transfer mechanism consists of a trolley motor, a brake, a coupling, a reducer, and a wheel. The trolley motor is driven by the reducer to drive the car, and the trolley is moved along the guide rail. Because the drive wheels of the trolley are relatively close to each other, it is driven by a single motor.

There are two kinds of transmission modes of the trolley transfer mechanism: one is the middle of the reduction gear box between the two driving wheels; the other is that the reduction gear box is installed on the side of the trolley. The gear box is installed in the middle of the two driving wheels to make the torque of the transmission shaft more uniform. The gear box is installed on the side of the car, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient.