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Movement Form of 15 Ton Bridge Crane

2018-05-31 11:26:04 Author:NUCLEON

Lifting mechanism of 15 ton bridge crane consists of lifting motor, reducer, reel, brake and so on. The lift motor is connected via a coupling, a brake wheel and a speed reducer. The output shaft of the speed reducer is connected with the reel winding the wire rope. The other end of the wire rope is equipped with a hook. When the reel rotates, the hook will follow the wire rope in the reel. Wrap or unwind on the cylinder to rise or fall. For cranes with a lifting capacity of 15 ton or more, two sets of lifting mechanisms are provided, namely the main hook and the auxiliary hook.

It can be seen that the weights get up and down with the rotation of the drum on the hook; as the car gets lateral movement in the width direction of the workshop, it can move back and forth with the cart in the length direction of the workshop. In this way, the movement of heavy objects in vertical, horizontal and vertical directions can be realized. The heavy objects can be moved to any position in the workshop to complete the lifting and transportation tasks.

LDY bridge crane

The control room of 15 ton bridge crane is generally fixed at one end of the main beam, and a few are installed under the car to move with the car. A hatchway leading to the platform is opened above the control room for maintenance personnel to overhaul the large and small vehicle machinery and electrical equipment.

15 Ton Bridge cranes have three types of movement:

(1) The bridge crane is driven longitudinally back and forth along the rails on the factory floor by the cart motor.

(2) The trolley on the main beam of the cart and the lifting mechanism are driven by the trolley motor to make a lateral movement along the bridge main beam rail.

(3) Lift the motor (main hook, sub hook) to drive heavy objects for vertical lifting movement.