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Have You Ever Known Structure of Eot Crane Well?

2018-05-31 11:11:44 Author:NUCLEON

Bridge cranes generally consist of bridges (also known as carts). Lifting mechanism, trolleys, carts moving agencies, operating room, trolley conductive devices (auxiliary slide lines), cranes main power conductive devices (main slip line) and other components.

Bridge of eot crane:

The bridge is the basic component of the bridge crane. It consists of main beams, end beams, and walking platforms. The main girder spans over the span and has a box-shaped structure, an analysis frame, a web, and a round tube. There are end beams attached to both ends of the main beam, and there are walking platforms on the outside of the two main beams with safety railings. 

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On the walking platform on the cab side, there is a trolley moving mechanism, and on the other side of the walking platform is equipped with a device for supplying electric power to the electric equipment of the trolley, that is, an auxiliary slide wire. A guide rail is laid over the main beam for the carriage to move. The entire bridge crane is moved along the rails in the length direction of the workshop under the drag of the cart moving mechanism.

Car moving agency of eot crane:

The cart moving mechanism consists of a cart, a drive shaft, a speed reducer, a wheel, a brake, and the like, and there are two kinds of driving methods: centralized driving and separate driving.