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What Kind of Eot Crane Can be Used in Cement Plant?

2018-05-29 11:04:14 Author:NUCLEON

As we all know that there are more and more kinds of overhead cranes in industries, however, do you know the common used crane in cement plant? And today nucleon engineer will talk about it.

Four common special eot cranes for cement plant:

1. QD50/10t-22.8m double beam bridge crane:

The crane's equipment combines many advantages in one, fast reacting brakes on the hoisting structure and specially designed rope guides to protect the wire rope, making the construction safer; in the hoisting motor, the normally closed brake and the motor are used The design is not only synchronic, but at least 1.8 times safe braking torque can effectively prevent slipping.

double beam bridge crane

2. MH50/16t-12m hook type double girder crane:

Specifications: Lifting 50/16 tons, span 12 meters, lifting height 10 meters; in addition to the use of cement products can also be applied to indoor and outdoor warehouses, docks, stockyards, etc. for loading and unloading, transfer operations; Its compact design makes the use of cranes more reasonable.

3, LD10t-19.5m electric single beam crane:

Specifications: Lifting 10 tons, Width 19.5 meters, lifting height 9 meters, running length 100 meters; and equipped with Jiangyin Kaicheng electric hoist, Xiongfeng full version of the main beam, Wuxi Dingneng Slippery, Hebei Yongyang Track , Hantai design, excellent product performance.

10ton single girder crane

4, LD2t-4.5m electric single beam crane:

Product Specifications: 4.5 meters span, 5.5 meters lift height, lifting 2 tons; the entire set of products are made using advanced technology, positioning ability than ordinary single-girder cranes 8 to 10 times; applicable to workshop production, material handling, Warehouse loading and unloading.