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How to Prolong Slings Lifetime of 20 Ton Bridge Crane?

2018-05-28 16:24:10 Author:NUCLEON

Generally, if we want to prolong the slings' lifetime of 20 ton bridge crane, we not only need to operate it correctly, also need to do the storage and maintenance work well for the slings of 20 ton eot crane

At first, need to avoid collisions, dragging, pulling, rubbing, and oscillating rigging to prevent rigging damage. When lifting, care must be taken to ensure that the load is restrained from accidental inversion or collision with other objects. Avoid dragging, pulling, or oscillating the load, if that will increase the force of the rigging. If the rig is under load, or the load is pressing on the rigging, the sling cannot be pulled on the surface of the ground or rough objects.

20 ton bridge crane

And then, when the lifting ropes have been lifted, they must be replaced and stored correctly. If they are no longer used, they must be stored in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area, at room temperature and on a shelf, away from heat sources. Erosion of external gases, chemicals, direct sunlight, or other strong ultraviolet radiation. Prior use of stored items must be checked for any damage that may have occurred during the use of the sling, not to store damaged slings. 

When lifting, the sling of overhead bridge crane kits is contaminated with acid and alkali, diluted with water or neutralized with the corresponding media that was previously recommended for storage. Based on the material of the lifting slings and the reference of the relevant chemical properties, recommendations from the supplier, already used products without problems may be necessary. The slings become wetter in use or, for cleaning reasons, hang up and dry naturally.