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Factors Need to be Considered When Choose Slings for Eot Crane

2018-05-28 16:14:33 Author:NUCLEON

When selecting the sling specification for bridge crane, the use factor of the load, such as the size, weight and shape of the hoisted load and the hoisting method to be used, must be included in the calculation considerations, the requirements of the limit work force given, and the work The type of environment and load must be considered. Must choose the appropriate length of slings that have sufficient capacity and can satisfy the use mode. 

If multiple slings are used to lift the load at the same time, they must use the same type of slings; the raw materials of flat slings cannot be affected by the environment or Load impact. Regardless of whether the attachment or soft lug is required, careful consideration must be given to matching the end of the sling with the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment.

5t eot crane

To ensure that the load is balanced during load lifting, the sling of eot cranes must be used in a safe manner, and the load must not be tilted or slipped off the sling; the sling must be arranged directly above the load and directly above the hoisting point to allow the load. Balanced and stable. If the center of gravity of the load is not under the hoisting point, the sling in motion may cross over and result in dangerous.

In the lifting process, the lifting must be carried out in an exemplary manner. Exemplary lifting must be used. The slings are lifted loosely until the slings are pulled tight. The load is gradually lifted to a predetermined position. It is especially important that the basket is suspended or free. Friction bears load when tightened.