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How to Select Electric Hoist for Industrial Crane?

2018-05-29 11:14:19 Author:NUCLEON

The electric hoist is an important part of the industrial crane. However, do you know how to choose the electric hoist correctly when purchasing the crane? Today, nucleon engineer will analysis this theme. To consider from the following three aspects: the use of the environment, parameter requirements and the manufacturers.

Use environment of electric hoist:

Different environments have different requirements for electric hoists, such as explosion-proof electric hoists when flammable and explosive. The electric hoist used in the clean room needs a special clean room electric hoist, which cannot have oil stains or rust spots. In the case of height restrictions it is necessary to use a low-headroom electric hoist or a European-style electric hoist. Therefore, the use environment should be fully considered when selecting the electric hoist.

ND electric hoist

Parameter requirements of electric hoist:

First determine the weight of the suspended material, and then determine the rated capacity of the electric hoist. For example, if the weight of the material is 3 to 4 tons, then you need to select the electric hoist with a rated capacity of 5 tons. The lifting speed is divided into single speed and double speed, which can be selected according to their own production needs. Two-speed electric hoist is usually used in mold assembly workshops. Just like ordinary cargo handling and handling, just select a simple single-speed electric hoist.

Electric hoist manufacturer:

overhead crane hoist

Electric hoists must be selected with qualified manufacturers and large-scale manufacturers. Some small workshops in the market produce electric hoists of poor quality and even produce counterfeit electric hoists. Therefore, buyers must carefully identify and verify the product certification and manufacturer information.