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How to Ensure Excellent Performance of Overhead Cranes?

2018-05-27 10:54:46 Author:NUCLEON

European design bridge and gantry cranes have a light weight, a small net height of equipment, a large working range, and high-quality components. They have strict control over manufacturing quality, and produce highly cost-effective products that are safe, reliable, and have excellent performance and low maintenance. However, do you know how to endure the excellent performance of bridge and gantry crane?

Advanced control technology and high quality key components ensure excellent performance of overhead cranes:

bridge and gantry crane

The application of frequency conversion technology enables the product to have better performance and variable frequency control of the hoisting mechanism, which solves well the common problems such as large lifting impact load, unsmooth lifting brake, declining brake slip hook and other defects, ensuring that the european design overhead crane can be free of Impact start, zero speed braking; frequency conversion of the operating mechanism, can realize the impact-free braking of the crane operation mechanism, multi-drive smooth synchronous acceleration and deceleration, realizes the smooth operation of the crane, and can overcome the common stepwise operation of the crane The impact of the braking on the structure of the crane and the building, the vibration and the resulting skewed operation of the crane. Smooth operation of the mechanism will also bring about the improvement of the stress conditions of the relevant components (reducers, brakes, couplings, motors), which will greatly increase their working life.

The use of excellent key components (reducer, brake, coupling, and motor) and variable frequency control technology ensure that the equipment operating noise is less than 74dB, and on the basis of greatly improved operation performance of the equipment, the operator is greatly improved. The working environment and operating experience.