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How to Decrease Cost of Eot Cranes Investor?

2018-05-26 10:42:51 Author:NUCLEON

The eot crane is an important tool and equipment for mechanization and automation of the production process in modern industrial production and crane transportation. Therefore, eot cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industry, railway transportation, port terminals, and logistics and other departments and places. However, do you know how to decrease cost of eot cranes investor?

European standard cranes are based on European lightweight and modular design concepts as well as advanced manufacturing processes, which make the entire crane compact in structure, smooth in operation, lighter in weight, lower in height, and energy-saving, thus reducing the construction costs and Operating costs cranes of the crane.

low cost european design crane

European design cranes are characterized by their light weight, low wheel pressure, low equipment height, compact structure, and small footprint. They use international advanced technology. The most reasonable structure is adopted from the trolley, end beam to the main beam, and the weight is much lighter than Traditional crane. Therefore, under the condition of meeting the same requirements, the height of the factory building can be reduced, the section size of the rail bearing beam can be reduced, the bearing capacity of the bull legs and the pile foundation can be reduced, and the requirements on the track and the power supply sleeving can be reduced, so that the user is in the plant and lifting equipment. The overall investment in the area is reduced.