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Why Choose European Design Crane?

2018-05-26 10:28:37 Author:NUCLEON

As the development of industrial, there are more and more kinds of industrial cranes, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, jib crane, single girder crane, double girder crane and european design crane, etc. And we all know that european design crane is more expensive than other traditional cranes. Howerver, some customers prefer to choose the european design crane. Do you know why? Nucleon engineer thinks that is because the structure features of european design crane.

Structure features of main beam section:

double girder european crane

1. The main beam adopts the box-shaped Ankang H-shaped steel structure design, which is similar to the traditional simple-type driving in the beginning, and its weight is heavier;

2. Non-destructive testing of main welds;

3, steel plate material is domestic common steel (Q235B);

4. The vertical winding is according to Chinese national standards;

5. All steel plates, like cranes in our country, are subjected to shot blasting to achieve Sa2.5 standardization;

6, carefully check and clean the steel plate before welding, usually by the automatic welding machine welding (MIG or semi-automatic welding);

Structure features of end beam section:

nucleon european design crane

1. The end beam is welded and formed of rectangular steel pipe or steel plate. After molding, the end beam is positioned and processed in a numerical control machine tool to achieve the allowable deviation range to ensure the national dimensional accuracy and tolerance;

2. Each end beam is equipped with double rim wheels, buffers and anti-derail protection devices;

3. Double-girder cranes shall be provided with maintenance platforms (maintenance walkways) along the driving side of the main vehicle in the direction of the main beam;

4. The main beam and end beam are connected by high-strength bolts to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the whole machine;