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How About Safety Inspection For 20 Ton Bridge Crane?

2018-05-24 10:36:30 Author:NUCLEON

As we all know that bridge cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industry, railway transportation, port terminals, and logistics and other departments and places. And the safety inspection and maintenance of the equipment are critical to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Safety inspections include periodic inspections, technical inspections, and safety inspections. 

Safety inspection of 20 ton bridge crane:

20ton bridge crane

1. Regular inspection. Regular inspections shall be based on the degree of heavy work and poor environmental conditions and determine the inspection period, but not less than once a month. 

2. Maintenance. 1) The parts to be repaired and replaced must have the same properties and materials as the original parts. 2) When the structural parts need to be repaired and welded, the materials used, welding rods, etc. must meet the requirements of the original structural parts, and the welding quality meets the specified requirements. 3) When the crane is in working condition, maintenance, repair and artificial lubrication cannot be performed. 

3. The following requirements must be met during maintenance: Move the single girder eot crane to a location that does not affect the operation of other cranes and no equipment below. If the conditions cannot meet the above requirements, there must be reliable protective measures, or special person monitoring and maintenance; The controller handle is placed at zero; cut off the main power supply, lock or hang the sign, the signboard must be placed on the position where the personnel can clearly see; the protective isolation on the empty surface, suspended space, the use of protective equipment, must be strict According to relevant requirements.