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Is It Eventful For Your 15 Ton Bridge Crane To Do Daily Inspection?

2018-05-25 10:55:12 Author:NUCLEON

Safety inspection of bridge cranes is to ensure the safe operation of bridge cranes, some safety routine inspections are required during crane operation. It is not only includs the annual inspection, six-month inspection, also includes daily inspection and weekly inspection. And today Nucelon crane's engineer will share something about the daily inspection of 15 ton bridge crane.

Daily pre-job inspection for 15 ton bridge crane:

15 ton bridge crane

Daily pre-job inspections include checking the reliability of the brakes; the winding of the steel wire rope on the drum and the pulley without snaking (un-) grooves or overlapping; the contact of the collector slider on the slide wire; the condition of the crane and trolley rails; No-load operation Check the reliability of each operating system, lifting limit switch, limit switch, overload protection device (with self-test function) and various alarm devices.

Inaddition to, it is necessary to do the weekly inspection to your own 15 ton overhead crane. And the weekly inspection includes checking the wear of the brakes, brakes, and belts, and the magnitude of the braking force; the frequent wear and tear of the hoisting wire rope; the connection of the key on the coupling; and the fastening of the screws; the controller Contact and contact of contactor contacts.