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Are You Aware Of Doing Annual Inspection Of Eot Crane?

2018-05-24 10:23:00 Author:NUCLEON

The safety inspection and maintenance of the equipment are critical to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Safety inspections include periodic inspections, technical inspections, and safety inspections. And today we will talk about the annual inspection of eot crane.

  1. Annual inspection: Each year, the 100 ton bridge crane applies for inspection by the local safety supervision and management department. The annual inspection is organized by professional staff of the equipment management department and consists of 5 items:

1) In the structural part, it mainly examines the deflection of the main beam, the horizontal side bend, the deformation of the connection between the main beam and the leg, etc., and whether the upper and lower cover plates and webs are cracked or corroded.

workstation eot crane

2) The mechanical part mainly checks the connection and operation of the reducer, open gear, coupling and bearing seat.

3) The electrical part mainly examines the layout of the electrical wiring, control devices, and electric motors, as well as the effectiveness of the control and drag functions.

4) The wearing parts of double girder crane shall mainly check the safety performance of the spreaders and riggings such as wire ropes and hooks.

5) The basic part of the equipment mainly examines the walls and supporting columns of the plant that support lifting equipment. The

2. Six months inspection: The six-month inspection includes checking the fastening of the control panel, protection box, controller, resistance box and wiring block, and connection screws; the fastening of the end beam bolts; the amount of oil and oil in the hydraulic solenoid of the brake; and all the electrical equipment. Insulation.