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How To Improve The Efficiency Of Single Girder Eot Cranes?

2018-05-23 14:41:00 Author:NUCLEON

As with a car, a bridge crane needs to maintain regularly, after it has not been used for a period of time, even if there is no obvious fault, so as to ensure the safe use of the crane. Therefore, if you want to improve the working efficiency of your own single girder eot crane, you need to do the maintenance work well.

Regular maintenance of single girder eot crane:

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1. Check whether the main force components of the electric single girder bridge crane are reliable, and check whether the safety devices such as limiters are sensitive and reliable.

2. Regularly clean the electromechanical components with heavy loads and add lubricating oil.

3. check the electrical circuit, the aging of the line replacement.

4. Check whether the structure brake of single girder bridge crane is sensitive and whether the upper limit switch is in good condition.

5. check the situation of steel wire rope, there is no wire rope wear, broken wire. If the number of broken filaments reaches a certain level, replace them according to the standard.

6. During operation, the operating mechanism is stable, and abnormal noise, smoke, etc. cannot exist in the transmission parts of the motor or the like.

7. check the motor and bearing and running whether there is an abnormal situation, the motor temperature is not higher than 60 °C. Check whether the safety device is flexible and effective. After the travel switch is actuated, the vehicle can stop running within the specified trip.