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How To Avoid Workstation Bridge Crane Accident?

2018-05-23 14:24:51 Author:NUCLEON

Because bridge cranes are widely used in all kinds of industries. There are more and more cranes around us. With the increase of cranes, crane accidents are also increasing. Howerver, do you know how to avoid the overhead hoist crane accident? At first, when the driver operates, the following requirements should be observed: 

1. When the hook is close to the stopper, the speed of the trolley is slow when the trolley is near the terminal or near other cranes. Do not use reverse instead of braking or limit switches instead of parking. 

2. The upper and lower bridges should walk on the prescribed safe walkways, special platforms or escalators. Unable to walk on both sides of the track except for maintenance. It is forbidden to walk on the trolley track. 

overhead hoist crane

3. When the work is stopped, the lifting objects must not be suspended in the air. 

4. If there is someone on the ground or hanging hanging objects during operation, a warning shall be ringed and it is forbidden to cross over the person's head. Lifting objects must not be too high from the ground. 

5. When the bridge is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to get on and off the bridge, and it is strictly forbidden to carry out overhaul and adjustment of the parts while the bridge is in operation. 

6. When the lifting weight of eot crane is close to or reaches the rated load capacity, the brake should be checked before lifting. After the trial crane, the crane can be lifted smoothly, and three operations cannot be performed at the same time. 

7. When the lowering limit is reached, the wire rope on the reel retains the number of safe turns specified by the design. When the bridge machine is working, the main and sub hooks should not be started at the same time. If you need to start at the same time, you must agree with the chief engineer. The bridge of the 9th bridge crane should be well grounded.