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Situation That Electric Overhead Crane Driver Should Not Operate

2018-05-22 14:00:50 Author:NUCLEON

There are several situation that electric overhead crane driver should not operate. If you manage the operation of the bridge cranes, it is very important for the construction of the hydropower station. Maybe you know some safe operation procedures, however, do you know the situations that the overhead crane operator can not run the crane?

In one of the following situations, the driver should not operate the hydropower plant bridge crane:

hydropower plant overhead crane capacity

1. Do not lift beyond the lifting load. 

2. The command signal is unknown, the weight is unknown, and the light does not hang when the light is dim. 

3. Slings and spreaders are loosely bound and do not meet safety requirements. 

4. cranes hanging objects directly processed without lifting. 

5. do not hang hanging obliquely. 

6. Hanging objects or hanging objects on the hanging objects are not hoisted. The data is entitled "Standardized Management of Hydropower Station Bridge Cranes" 

7. Oxygen bottles, acetylene generators and other flammable items are not suspended. 

8. with a quick corner mouth is not padding not hanging. 

9. Objects buried in the ground or hanging from it are not hung. 

10. Steel, molten iron overdose and unfixed clamps.