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General Provisions Of Safe Operation For Overhead Crane Kits

2018-05-22 13:53:13 Author:NUCLEON

The safe operation of overhead crane of hydropower station is important to the installation and operation of electromechanical device. So today nucleon crane's engineer will talk about the general provisions of safe operation for overhead crane kits.

General provisions of safe operation for overhead crane kits:

1. The bridge driver must go through professional skills training and safety education. After passing the examination, he can independently operate. 

2. When the driver takes over, check the brake, hook, wire rope, and safety device. If the performance is not normal, remove it before operation. 

hydropower overhead crane kits

3. Before driving, ring or warn according to regulations. When approaching a person during operation, give a ringing tone or warning; during operation, press the command signal. For the emergency signal, anyone should issue it immediately; 

4. Confirm the hydropower overhead crane and the surrounding area. Only when there is no one, can the main power supply be closed. If the power disconnecting device is locked or has a signage, it should be removed by the relevant personnel before the main power supply can be closed. Before the main power supply is closed, all the control handles are set to zero; 

5. When the power is suddenly cut off during work, pull all the control switch handles back to the zero position. Before resuming the work, check if the crane operation is normal as required; 

6. When the driver performs maintenance, cut off the main power supply, hang warning signs or lock. If there is any failure that has not been eliminated, the successor must be notified and a record must be made.