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Why Cracks Occurred in Hydropower Station Bridge Cranes?

2018-05-22 13:33:05 Author:NUCLEON

The bridge crane of the hydropower station is a type of crane and is a lifting machine used for the construction and maintenance of hydropower stations. If there is a crack in the fuselage of the hydropower station bridge crane, how should we deal with it? Let's follow together with the Nucleon Crane's engineer to see the causes of the cracks in the bridge cranes at the hydropower station. I hope to help everyone.

hydropower station bridge crane installation

1. The appearance of cracks may be due to lack of design foresight in manufacturing, and it does not take into consideration that the robustness of the machine is also required to be prevented. The reinforcement of the bridge cranes at the hydropower station will reduce the damage to the girder of the overhead crane.

2. Wind impact. The overhead bridge crane may operate in the open air, and the entire sun and rain, coupled with the effect of the wind, make the crane subject to certain wind forces during the process. Once the wind is too strong, the crane will also have to withstand the effects of the wind while it is operating. The load will increase, beyond the bearing capacity of the machine, and then the strong machinery will have a shaking moment. Once the overloaded machine body may be Cracks and cracks appear.