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Dynamic Test Procedure of Goliath Crane Inverter

2018-05-21 15:48:52 Author:NUCLEON

After the static test of your gantry crane inverter, what you need to do is do the dynamic test. We have talked about the attention items of static test, today we will introduce the dynamic test procedure of gantry crane inverter. After the static test result is normal, the dynamic test can be performed, that is, the power test machine is connected. 

Before and after power on, you must pay attention to the following points:

goliath crane

1. Before powering on, make sure whether the input and output of the main circuit of the power supply are reversed and whether the input voltage is wrong. If the input and output are reversed or the 380V power supply is connected to the 220V inverter, a bomber will appear. Capacitors, varistors, modules, etc.)

2. Check whether each interface of the inverter is properly connected and whether the connection is loose. If the connection is abnormal, it may cause the inverter to malfunction. In severe cases, it may cause problems such as explosives.

3. Detect the fault display content after power-on, and preliminarily determine the fault and cause.

4. If the fault is not displayed, first check whether the parameters are abnormal, then restore the parameters to the factory settings, start the inverter with no load (without connecting the motor), and test the U, V, W three-phase output voltage. If there is a lack of phase, three-phase imbalance, etc., the module or the driver board is faulty.

5. in the case of normal output voltage (no phase loss, three-phase balance), load test. When testing, it is best to be full load test.