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How to do Static Test for Your Gantry Crane Inverter?

2018-05-20 15:31:51 Author:NUCLEON

It is important to do the static test for your gantry crane inverter. In order to the safe operation of the gantry crane, have you done the static test for your crane? if you do not know how to do the test, today nucleon crane engineer will talk about this topic, hope this can help you.

1. test rectifier circuit

Find the P terminal and N terminal of the internal DC power supply of the goliath crane inverter, adjust the multimeter to the resistance X10 file, the red indicator bar to P, and the black indicator bar to R, S, T respectively. There should be about several tens of euros of resistance. And basically balanced. Instead, the black bar is connected to the P terminal. The red bar receives R, S, and T in turn and has a resistance close to infinity. Bring the red bar to the N-side and repeat the above steps to get the same result. If you have the following results, you can determine that the circuit has abnormal, A. Three-phase unbalanced resistance, it can explain rectifier bridge failure. B. When the red bar is connected to the P terminal, the resistance is infinite, and it can be concluded that the rectifier bridge fault or starting resistor has failed.

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2. test inverter circuit

The red table rod is connected to the P-side. The black table rods are connected to U, V, W, respectively. There should be several tens of euros of resistance, and the resistance of each phase is basically the same. The reverse phase should be infinite. Connect the black meter to the N terminal. Repeat the above steps to obtain the same result. Otherwise, you can determine the failure of the inverter module.