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How to Prolong Lifetime of Your Bridge Crane?

2018-05-16 16:01:08 Author:NUCLEON

At present, bridge cranes often appear at port stations, warehouses, stockyards, hydroelectric plants, and thermal power stations. So that we can know that eot cranes are widely used in our surround. However, do you want to prolong the lifetime of your own overhead cranes? If you do not know, you can do as the following:

1) Inspection of bridge crane pulleys. The focus is on whether the amount of wear at the bottom of the groove is exceeded and whether the cast iron pulley has cracks. For the balance wheel of the pulley of the overthrowing mechanism, it does not move due to normal conditions and it is easily overlooked. Therefore, before installation, be sure to check the flexibility of the rotation. Otherwise, the length and tension of the left and right wire ropes in the installation cannot be adjusted automatically by the balance wheel, which increases the difficulty of adjusting the pitch rope at high altitude and the danger degree of the operation.

20 ton eot crane

2) Electrical: 1 Check whether each limit switch is sensitive and reliable; 3 Check whether each electrical appliance in the electrical box is sensitive and reliable; 3 Check whether the motor, bell and wire are safe and reliable; 4 Check whether the signal light is good.

3) Check whether the couplings of the bridge crane are loose or even "roll keys". Check the elastic rubber ring of the elastic pin coupling for abnormal wear. Pay special attention to the gear ring wear of the toothed coupling. Due to the poor installation accuracy, with a large amount of misalignment between the two shafts, the entire ring gear will quickly wear out in a short period of time. If there is such a situation in the lifting mechanism, it is prone to serious accidents.