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Do You Have Explosion-Proof Electric Suspension Crane?

2018-05-17 15:36:04 Author:NUCLEON

Explosion-proof hoist bridge crane is a double girder bridge crane with explosion-proof electric hoist as lifting mechanism, which meets the requirements of JB/T10219-2001 “Explosion-proof girder crane” standard.

double girder overhead crane

The technology of this kind of double girder overhead crane is mature, reliable, simple in structure, small in appearance, light in weight, and easy to install, use, and maintain. Environmental conditions: The working power supply is three-phase AC, rated frequency 50HZ, rated voltage 380V; working environment temperature is -20 ~ 40 °C. When the indoor work is at 40°C, the relative humidity must not exceed 50%, and when working outdoors at 25°C, the relative humidity can be as short as 100%. The installation site is not more than 2000m above sea level. It is suitable for medium and light duty mechanical workshops, warehouses, stock yards, overhaul and loading and unloading of hydropower stations, and is a lifting device for domestic use.

explosion-proof crane

The whole machine is used together with HB (BCD) and HBS (BMD) type explosion-proof electric hoists, with a capacity of 1-10 tons, a span of 7.5-22.5 meters, a working level of A3-A5, and a working environment of -25°C to +40°C. This explosion-proof suspension crane is widely used in factories, warehouses and stockyards of chemical plants. There are two forms of ground and driver's cab. The driver's cab is divided into open and closed type. The installation form is divided into left and right, and the direction of entry is sideways. End face, for users to choose according to their own use.