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Maintenance of Steel Mill Crane

2018-05-15 15:38:52 Author:NUCLEON

Steel mill overhead crane is mainly used in steel mill, which is for handling kinds of googs in steel mill. As we all know, if we want to prolong the use lifetime of our overhead crane, we need to maintain it well. However, do you know how to maintain your steel mill overhead crane?

1). The appearance of the bridge crane: sweep the exterior thoroughly so that there will be no dust and no yellow robes. Check for cracks and open welds.

2), carts, trolleys: 1 check and tighten the drive shaft seat, gear box, coupling and shaft, keys are loose; 2 check and adjust the brake wheel gap to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable.

3) Check whether the overhead speed reducer of the bridge crane mainly depends on whether it leaks oil. When there is abnormal noise in the cabinet during operation, the lid inspection must be opened. Generally caused by bearing damage or gear backlash is too large, severe tooth surface wear and other reasons.

steel mill overhead crane

4) Lifting and hoisting: 1 Check whether the wire rope, hook, and pulley are safe and reliable. If the wear exceeds the specified value, replace it. 2 Check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.

5) Inspection of bridge crane wire rope. Commonly used varieties are phosphate coated steel wire ropes, galvanized steel wire ropes and smooth steel wire ropes. The inspection of steel wire ropes should focus on the observation of broken wires, wear, kinks, and rust. For some locations where wear and broken wires are more serious but have not exceeded the standards, it is necessary to do so. Markings to focus on rechecking. Pay attention to check whether the safety limiter of the wire rope in the reel is valid, whether the wire rope pressure plate on the reel is pressed and whether the number of the pressure plate is proper.

6) Lubrication: Check the oil and oil in all parts and add or replace the lubricant as required.