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Safety Operation Precautions for Foundry Crane

2018-04-12 16:30:47 Author:NUCLEON

Crane hook of foundry crane adopts forging hook, the cable is high temperature resistance, the electric motor is with H grade insulation, the wire rope is steel core wire rope and the wheel is forged or rolled wheel. 

And now we will talk about the other safety operation precautions for foundry crane:

double girder crane

9. Rising liquid metal, hazardous liquid or important items, regardless of the weight, and when lifting heavy objects close to the rated weight, must be lifted slightly from the ground 150 ~ 200mm to verify that the brake is reliable and then formally rise.

10. When the driver of electric overhead crane leaves the operating room, the crane must be opened to a fixed parking place. The suspending device is not allowed to hang the object and it is 2 meters away from the ground. The control handles are set at zero position, the main switch is cut off, and the switch key is removed.

11. The cooling and heating socket on the control cabinet is a 220V power supply, which is only used for the summer driver cooling device. When using multiple electrical equipment, its total capacity must not exceed 2000 watts.

12. When the bridge crane starts, you can press the start button on the protection cabinet, but you must first issue a warning signal during each operation. Press the stop button when the crane is stopped, and press the emergency switch in an emergency.