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You Know the Installation Specifications of Eot Crane?

2018-04-17 10:03:57 Author:NUCLEON

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There were a few accident during the installation site of double girder eot cranes recently, which mainly due to the operator who not according to the rules to install. And do you all know the installation specifications of the bridge crane? If you do not know it at all, today our enginner will talk about this topic.

eot crane installation

The trolleys were inspected and passed the test at the factory. Therefore, after a slight adjustment to eliminate the transport deformation, it can be installed directly on the bridge. In the case where the bridge installation meets the relevant technical conditions, the trolley must not have three legs (ie, only three trolley wheels are in contact with the track, and the other is suspended. ), otherwise, under the suspension of the bearing under the wheel or under the track pad adjustment, the pad can only be a layer, under the rail must be placed under the main beam ribs, both ends of the spot welding fixed.

single girder crane

1. The metal structure's various testing indicators are performed in accordance with the regulations. To reduce the amount of work at height, the installation and wiring of each equipment shall be carried out on the ground as far as possible.

2. Before erecting the overhead crane, it must be pre-installed according to the following methods. If defects are discovered and eliminated in time, if the user cannot handle it, contact the manufacturer immediately. When the crane is erected on the factory, the manufacturer cannot handle such problems.

a. Place the crane on two parallel and several tracks in the same plane.

b. Use the bolt holes of the end beams as the positioning accuracy. Connect the end beams in accordance with the attached diagram—crane installation and connection part numbers. Combine the cranes. Tighten the bolts after adjustment. After the crane is assembled, all indicators should meet the relevant data.