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What is EOT Crane?

2019-07-05 15:07:38 Author:NUCLEON

Electric overhead traveling crane: EOT crane is one of the most common types of overhead crane, or called bridge cranes, which consist of parallel runways with a traveling bridge spanning the gap.

EOT crane is extensively used in the warehouse, workshop, and stock ground of industrial and mining enterprises for loading, unloading or relocating heavy load. Generally speaking, the EOT crane is equipped with the mechanical means to realize the traveling not only in both directions but also can raise or lower the heavy load easily. But should pay attention to that EOT crane is forbidden to use in the explosive, combustible or corrosive environment, and the working temperature is approximately from -20℃ to 40℃.

EOT stands for Electric Overhead Traveling. EOT crane are mostly used in factories where heavy raw materials and finished goods are frequently required to move in and out. In addition, EOT crane are also used to move machines/ equipment’s during new installation or services.

If you visit any factory where above activities are carried out frequently then you can find EOT crane install above to parallel runways. It will look similar to image shown below.

Runways are installed at sufficient height on the side walls depending upon the height of other materials which are kept in that area where EOT crane is installed. Sufficient space is left above the runways so that repair activities can be carried out easily when required. To install EOT screen that will be at least two properly supported side walls.

EOT cranes required maintenance at predefined intervals so that it can function properly and there are minimal chances of any failure or accident if in case maintenance are not carried out as per schedule there might be chances of accident which may even be fatal.

Where requirement is not similar to as given in the first paragraph mostly factory owners prefer to outsource portable cranes to move heavy loads such as machinery equipment.