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What kind of items should the bridge crane check during operation?

2019-07-05 13:44:15 Author:NUCLEON

In order to ensure the safe operation of the bridge crane in the work, it needs some necessary security checks, Nucleon Company summed up the bridge crane’s inspection work based on long-term practical experience.

First, check the crane’s hoisting limiter, limited travel switch and if the interlocking mechanism performance is normal and safe.

Second, inspect whether the major components meet the safety requirements. According to the general requirements, the opening is 15% smaller than the original size; the abrasion of board hook bushing is 10% smaller than the original size; the abrasion of plate hook bushing is 50% smaller than the original size; the abrasion of plate hook mandrel is less than 5%; all components should be ensured to be no peeling, no burr, and no welding.

Third, check if the hook and the pulley have obvious defects.

Fourth, check the steel wire rope. The abrasion of rope surface steel wire is less than 40%. Of the wire rope diameter, broken wire should be less than 10% of the total number of silk in a twist distance, and should ensure there is no break, no significant thinning, no core off, no dead twist screw, no extrusion deformation, no annealing burning and so on.

Fifth, check the wire rope end connection and fixed parts are connected intact, including the clamp, pressure plate, wedge, etc.. To ensure that there is no loosening, the number of pressure plate is less than 2, the number of clip is less than three.

Sixth, check the reel to see whether there is crack, connection, or looseness in fixed parts.

Seventh, check if the brake is cracked, loose, etc., to see whether the size of the brake clearance on both sides is appropriate, to inspect if power supply is enough, and the wear of brake belt is less than 50% of the original thickness.

Eighth, check whether the balance wheel is intact.