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Do you know the requirements of overhead crane installation?

2019-07-05 13:38:44 Author:NUCLEON

Any special considerations for an overhead crane installation actually begin during the quotation process. The overhead crane installer will review generic drawings of the crane equipment and review blueprints or building floor plans to give their best estimate of what it will take to install an overhead crane in the customer’s facility.

In the quote, the crane installer will provide a window or time frame that they think they’ll need to complete the crane installation. This can range anywhere from 2-10 business days, to a longer time period for more extensive or complex crane installations. This estimated installation window will be consecutive working days—once they've brought the cranes, trucks, materials, and all installation equipment on-site, they can’t break up their time, or stop and re-start the installation, without significant increases to cost of the crane installation.


Introductions between the installers and the general contractor, or staff who will be involved during installation.

Set up a time to come out and perform an analysis of the job site or facility.

Agree on an anticipated installation date. Know that this is a fluid process and the date can change due to production schedules and/or construction delays.

Set up a weekly status call to determine if the project is still on track. This helps to keep an open line of communication so any issues or challenges can be addressed that may affect the installation time frame.

While the installer are on site, they’ll consider and evaluate the following things:

Scope of work, installation area, identify potential hazards, and details for existing runways or new construction runways