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How do I choose the right overhead crane?

2019-07-05 13:30:34 Author:NUCLEON

The basic parameters of the overhead crane include lifting capacity, lifting height, working level, working speed and span.

The current domestic overhead crane products are only based on years of production practices, selected from the above part of the composition of the actual series from the weight. The most commonly used series is 5t, 10t, 16t, 20t, 32t and 50t.

The total lifting height at this time is the sum of the lifting height above the ground and the depth of the floor below the ground.

The working grade of the overhead crane is divided into A1 ~ A8, which can be determined according to the utilization level and load status of the crane, that is, according to the busy and the degree of full load.

The working speed of the overhead crane includes the lifting speed, the running speed of the trolley and the speed of the cart.

The horizontal distance between the centerlines of the overhead crane is the span. The span of the crane depends mainly on the width of the service space, and the span for the crane within the plant depends on the width of the building.