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25 Ton Double Trolley Bridge Crane

2018-06-15 17:24:48 Author:NUCLEON


Product:25 Ton Double Trolley Bridge Crane

Application site:Algeria

Manufacturer:Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd.

Working grade:A4

Lifting capacity:25 Ton


Lifting height:7m

25 ton double trolley eot crane

The bridge of this 25 ton double trolley eot crane adopts the world's leading technology of bridge overall processing. The small frame adopts the overall processing technology of the floor boring and milling machine. The application of these two technologies ensures the installation precision of the overhead crane and makes the operation of the crane more reliable, stable and completely resolved. The problem of running rails on large and small wheels.

Advantages of 25 ton double trolley bridge crane:

European design

● The use of standard profiles, European design, compact structure, reduce the cost of housing.

Embedded trolley

● The frame adopts standard profiles, wheels of trolley running mechanism, embedded design, and the pattern is beautiful and generous.

Three-in-one drive

● The operating mechanism is a three-in-one structure. The two ends are driven separately. They have anti-fall protection and are safe and reliable.

Intelligent positioning

● Electrical control can be controlled by PLC+ inverter, precise positioning, safe and reliable.